The CTRC mission
The CTRC's main focus is research aiming at the prevention and relief of pain and muscular tensions, as well as the improvement of quality of life.

The first of its kind in Canada.
The Canadian Touch Research Center (CTRC) is the first in the country exclusively devoted to the knowledge advancement of massotherapy and technical touch therapies. It is equally one of the rarest establishments of its kind in the world.

The CTRC is affiliated with Kiné-Concept Institute, a non-lucrative private corporation constituting the most important house of teachings in massotherapy in Canada and one of the greatest in America.

For further information on this subject or to propose a collaborated research project, contact the CTRC at the following address and numbers.

760, Saint-Zotique Street East
Montreal (Quebec)
Canada H2S 1M5

Telephone: (514) 272-2254
Fax: (514) 272-5141
EMail: [email protected]